Canker Sores: 3 Questions And Answers

The moment a canker sore shows up in your mouth, you know it. How do you know it? Well, you certainly know something isn’t right because you will speak or eat and you’ll notice a very uncomfortable ulcer in your mouth. Fortunately, this is not something to fly into a panic over. However, we do think it is to your advantage to do something about this, so your smile gets back to normal in no time. Our question-and-answer rundown will certainly help you out with the basics.

Questions And Answers

Question 1: Did I do something to end up with a canker sore? Did I catch it from somebody?

Answer 1: No, you probably didn’t do any one particular thing that led to the sore. You might be going through some serious tension and anxiety, which might contribute to its formation. However, there is no solid data that points to why they show up when they do. There is solid data, however, that ensures these are not contagious.

Question 2: Should I be heading to the store to buy some kind of canker sore medication? Do I need to come see you to fix the problem?

Answer 2: You may most certainly buy an oral pain reliever from your local pharmacy or drugstore if you are dealing with discomfort you aren’t happy about. However, you don’t need to seek treatment with us unless: The sore seems serious or after seven to 10 days, it still hasn’t started to shrink and heal.

Question 3: How can I tell the difference between a canker sore and other types of sores, such as cold sores?

Answer 3: Herpes appear in the form of fluid filled blisters on the outer tissue of your mouth. Cankers do not. They are ulcers (usually white-ish with a red border), they may feel swollen, and they’ll only appear inside your mouth.

Schedule A Visit For Canker Sores That Don’t Go Away

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