Invisalign Trays: The Most Common Ways To Lose Them

When you haven’t really thought much about accidentally losing your Invisalign treatment trays before, you may actually be more likely to do so! At first, you might find that you’re extremely protective of your trays and you do your best to keep them in view. However, when you start to get used to wearing them and feel more comfortable, your habits about safeguarding them when they’re out of your smile may start to become a bit lax. Unfortunately, all it takes is one false move and your trays are gone! Consider common ways this happens to many patients, so you can avoid them!

When You Eat Out

So many patients lose their Invisalign treatment trays when they eat out. Rather than placing them in a storage container that they have in a pocket or bag, they place them in a napkin. Then, when they leave, they forget that they’ve hidden their trays in a napkin. By they time they get home, they realize they are missing their trays. In most instances, the trays are long gone and have been cleaned from the table and thrown in the trash!

When You Leave Them Lying Around

When you leave your Invisalign treatment trays lying around, you run the risk of them disappearing for a variety of reasons. First, you may simply forget where you placed them. Next, a kid, a dog, etc. may think they’re toys and may hide them! Try to find a consistent place that you take them out or create some kind of storage plan to avoid this.

Find Out More Regarding Keeping Invisalign Safe

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