Pella Cosmetic Dentist Creates Beautiful Smiles

What defines a beautiful smile, and how can you achieve one? An average or less-than-perfect smile can be enhanced with cosmetic dentistry.  During a smile makeover consultation, your cosmetic dentist will evaluate the shape of your teeth, the size, the texture, and the color.  Dr. Jeffrey Allen is an experienced and trained cosmetic dentist offering a variety of minimally invasive, highly affective cosmetic treatment.
Veneers: To repair chipped, stained, crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, Dr. Allen may suggest porcelain veneers. These custom-made porcelain shells adhere directly to existing teeth.  Placement of porcelain veneers customarily takes two appointments. During the first appointment, impressions are taken and teeth are shaped and prepared for the veneers. At the second appointment, teeth will be cleaned, polished, and the veneers will be bonded to the teeth.
Bonding: Bonding can close gaps between teeth and lengthens small or misshapen teeth. In one appointment, Dr. Allen can apply a resin directly to the teeth to improve the size and texture. A low-intensity light hardens the resin after the desired shape is achieved.
Whitening: Teeth-whitening is the most common cosmetic dental procedure. Dr. Allen offers home teeth whitening systems. The home system lightens and brightens teeth with a specially formulated whitening gel and a customized whitening tray. The gel and tray should be worn for a few hours each day. Home whitening systems allow you to gradually whiten your teeth, but ultimately result in whitening of 8-10 shades – the same results you’d see with a one visit whitening system.
If you feel your smile is less than beautiful, contact Dr. Jeffrey Allen, a Pella, IA cosmetic dentist at (641)628-1121 to schedule a smile makeover  consultation. I perfect smiles for residents of Pella, Oskaloosa, Monroe, Newton, and surrounding areas.