Replacing Old Metal Dental Work

Are you trying to hide a dark filling or obvious metal crown from previous dental work? If you are embarrassed to show your smile because of old metal dental work, Dr. Jeffery Allen in Pella, IA, can replace your fillings and have you smiling confidently again.
Experienced in the art of removal and replacement of old metal dental work, Dr. Allen can give you a reason to smile in just one visit (for most cases). Composite resin fillings are made of a durable plastic material that can withstand the pressure of everyday tooth function while inconspicuously filling a cavity. Unlike metal fillings, the composite resin matches the color of your tooth. So that only you and Dr. Allen will know you have had dental work.

Are amalgam fillings harmful?

Used in the past as the standard filling, amalgam fillings and restorations are made of metal containing mercury. Currently, doctors contest the safety of placing mercury inside a patient’s mouth, but no conclusive research has decided if amalgam fillings are harmful. With safety and good oral health as our primary priority, Allen Family Dentistry in Pella can help you replace old amalgam fillings with mercury-free composite resin fillings.

Why replace amalgam fillings?

Aside from the unforeseen dangers of mercury, metal fillings sometimes expand and contract with temperature changes, altering the shape of your filling and risking a fracture. A compromised filling can lead to bacteria buildup inside the tooth which can result in a root canal infection. To avoid the pain of an internally infected tooth and the inconvenience of more invasive procedures, have your old metal dental work replaced with durable composite resin fillings. These fillings will not only enhance cosmetic appearance, but also prevent further decay and fracture.

An Invitation for Your Family

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