Mouth Anatomy Lesson from Pella Dentist

Happy PairDo you give much thought to the parts of your body, or do you consider yourself as one whole? If you break the anatomy down, there are many parts that function to make up such a well-oiled machine. Even just within your mouth, the tissues and teeth and nerves and pulp make up complex structures that all work together so that you can successfully chew, speak, and maintain healthy bone density. Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, will help you learn more about the anatomy of your mouth in today’s blog.

The Basics

Complexities exist within your mouth, but the basics can be simplified. A tooth is made up of the crown and the roots. The crown is comprised of dentin which is calcified and similar to your bones and makes up the bulk of your teeth. Dentin is covered by enamel which provides an extremely hard protective shell. Tooth enamel – phosphorous and calcium – is the hardest substance in your entire body. Twice as hard as your bones, enamel provides further protection against cavities. There are one to four root canals for the same number of roots that attach the crown down into the dental pulp below the gumline. Meanwhile, healthy gum tissue seals off the area so that your dentin and dental pulp are not exposed to bacterial infection.

The Root of Tooth Loss

Cementum is a much softer substance than tooth enamel which protects the roots of your teeth. If cementum were not covered by your gingival tissues you would be able to see that it is a light yellow color. Dental pulp is like the control center of your teeth. Nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues deliver nutrients to your teeth. This is why keeping your teeth intact is so important. When your roots die from becoming detached from dentin due to decay or injury, those missed nutrients will lead to degenerating bone density and eventual facial collapse. When facial collapse occurs, you’ll take on a more aged and sunken appearance.

Dental Checkups from Pella Dentist

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