Bacteria Ganging Up in Your Mouth? Fight them Off, Says Pella Dentist

Open Mouth WomanYou may already be aware that particular strains of bacteria are responsible for gum disease and tooth decay. These are the two oral infections that are most common issues in the average person’s dental health. However, would you be surprised to hear that your mouth is actually swarming with roughly 600 different germs? Now, just as with your entire body, there are good bacteria, and bad bacteria. The good guys help maintain balance in your mouth. Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, will tell you more about two of the worst bad guys trying to take over the lay of the land inside your oral cavity.

Cavity Creators

Tooth enamel is made almost entirely of calcium and phosphate. When these minerals are attacked by acid, the integrity of the protective enamel shell on your teeth becomes compromised. Streptococcus mutans are the bacteria that contribute to acid production, dental plaque formation, and tooth decay. S. mutans feast on sugars and refined carbohydrates that you consume, converting them into lactic acid and then mixing with the acid and any food debris in your mouth to produce plaque. The more that this cycle continues, the greater your risk of developing tooth decay.

Periodontal Pulverizers

Dental plaque is a sticky substance which is comprised mostly of oral bacteria, including the aforementioned S. mutans. Another pervasive oral germ is Porphyromonas gingivalis. When your oral hygiene isn’t up to par, plaque can accumulate along your gum line. The plaque hardens into tartar, and the hard substance releases toxins that irritate your gum tissues. Periodontal disease is marked by tissue inflammation that causes your body’s immune system to react. Gum recession and periodontal pockets will develop as gum disease advances. Tooth abscesses, loosening of teeth, or even tooth loss can occur.

Visit Your Pella Dentist

To avoid tooth decay and gum disease, brush and floss twice a day and visit your Pella dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. We provide comfortable dental care to patients of all ages. Contact our 50219 dentist office to schedule a checkup and cleaning, cosmetic consultation, or second-opinion visit. We are located on the west side of the historic town square in Pella, IA. Please see the map for directions.