Bluetooth Technology Could Affect the Course of Future Dentistry

Bluetooth SoloThere was a time when you’d see someone talking to themselves, and you’d assume they might be a bit…well…eccentric. These days, if you see someone walking around the mall in full conversation, you’re more likely to assume that they must have a Bluetooth on the other ear that you can’t see. We’ve become quite accustomed as a society to these small devices that allow us to use our cell phones in a hands-free way. What could this have to do with dentistry other than having tooth in the name? Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, will tell you about a study that shows Bluetooth technology as a possible gauge for your dental health.

Bluetooth in Your Tooth?

Scientists at the National Taiwan University have been focusing on technology that will allow a small sensor inside an artificial tooth to send and receive transmissions to dentists. The tiny Bluetooth inspired device would be placed in a patient’s mouth as a prosthetic. This may sound like science fiction, but the idea of blending computers with the human body is in heavy development. National Taiwan University researchers feel that small sensors in the mouth could provide data and diagnoses. Documentation of dental habits in relation to oral health issues could aid in an upgrade of oral healthcare products and practices. Dentists would also be able to relate dental health to alcohol consumption and tobacco use.

Early Research

The first sensor prototype was designed to collect data of everything happening inside the study volunteer’s mouths. The receiver was able to transmit the information into a smart phone. Participants of the clinical research study were asked to drink, chew gum, read aloud, and cough. Each of these specific tasks were correctly identified by the computer in the faux tooth with an incredible 93.8% accuracy. The first round of the study was done with a wire to avoid accidental swallowing of the computer. Future prototypes will focus on design and fit so wireless versions can be safely tested.

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