Should I Buy A Different Toothbrush?

toothbrushclearcupAre you starting to wonder about the toothbrush you have been choosing for your dental hygiene? Maybe your oral health is not doing its best simply because your brush could be better. As a matter of fact, this is completely possible. However, it’s also likely that you have made a good selection. Let’s explore the details that you need to know when it comes to making a wise choice. Keep in mind that using that brush twice a day to brush your smile is the other essential piece of the puzzle.

You Might Need A New One

How long have you been relying on the same toothbrush to clean your smile? If your dental hygiene has included the same brush for a period that has lasted longer than three to four months, it is time to part ways with your brush and start fresh. You may purchase the same variety if you were enjoying its benefits. Just make sure you continue to replace your brush in intervals of about three months to ensure your brush is providing you with the plaque removal and effective care you need.

You May Need A Different One

If your brush is not too old or frayed, you’re already doing a great job. However, it is certainly important to consider some factors that can make for better oral health. For instance, this part of your dental hygiene experience should include a gentle instrument that cleanses without scraping your enamel. You can accomplish this by dedicating yourself to purchasing soft-bristle brushes and always avoiding medium- or hard- bristle selections. You will also want to pay attention to the following:

  • If the brush looks too big or too small, choose something else that looks like it will work for you
  • Glance over the packaging for the ADA Seal of Acceptance – this brush will certainly offer the care you need