Ready for an Updated Dental Prostheses?

Ready for an Updated Dental Prostheses?Did you recently lose a tooth or need to have one extracted? If so, you may currently be wondering what can be done to complete your smile and to restore your confidence. Even if you have a prostheses in place, if you’re unhappy with its stability you may be ready to consider a more secure alternative. Fortunately, if you want to enjoy great comfort and confidence moving forward, a dental implant can make it possible. For many patients, dental implants are ideal because of the natural-looking and comfortable ways they can complete a smile.

Need to Complete Your Smile or Update a Prostheses?

Whether you are in need of treatment to complete your smile following tooth loss, or are hoping to update an existing prostheses, the modern restorations available can likely help to provide you with increased comfort and confidence. Both dental bridges and dental implants are considered more stable than unsupported dentures. That said, dental implants offer a number of benefits unique to them.
For instance, implants alone:

  • Help to replace a missing tooth root, along with the missing tooth
  • This mimic root helps to supply nutrients to the jaw, allowing for better maintenance of one’s jaw structure over time
  • The replacement tooth is affixed to the mimic root, as well, allowing for security and comfort, especially when chewing
  • Implants can be used in conjunction with full or partial dentures, as well as crowns and pontics, as needed

Is Your Smile Healthy Enough to Support an Implant?

If you are interested in a dental implant, it’s important to schedule a consultation with your restorative dentist to first determine if your smile is healthy enough to support an implant.

Do You Need to Complete Your Smile?

Do you need a dental prostheses to complete your smile, or to update an outdated or ill-fitting one? You can schedule a prosthetic consultation with Allen Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, by calling (641) 628-1121, today.