Smile Health: Masking Versus Fixing

What’s the problem with your smile health? Do you notice that you have foul smelling breath that won’t go away, so you’ve been doing your best to cover it up with nice-smelling products? Is something ailing your tooth or teeth but you’re not certain what’s wrong, so you’re doing your best to manage pain? What you may not realize is that you often mask problems rather than fixing them (which typically requires our help). Find out more, so you’re actually repairing issues, rather than simply covering them up as they worsen or persist.

Bad Breath: Mouthwash Or Cleaning?

If you have bad breath and it isn’t going away, then you have two possibilities: Cover it up or fix it. When you mask it with mouthwash, mints, or breath spray, the problem is still there. It’s telling you that you may have teeth that need a cleaning or that something else is amiss. See us for a dental cleaning and checkup instead of camouflaging it, so we can repair your smile health and your breath.

Discomfort: Pain Relief Or Checkup And Care?

Does something hurt? Your instinct may be to take pain relievers. However, if you have to keep taking those pain relievers, it’s because you’re masking the problem, not treating it, and the pain is still there. Come in for a checkup. As a result, we will find the reason you’re in pain, offer treatment, and you’ll actually be all better.

Cavity: Drugstore Filling Or Restorative Treatment?

If you have a cavity and you try to use a drugstore filling, you’re not actually solving anything. In fact, you may trap bacteria (and the cavity will only continue to grow). Instead, rather than masking the smile health problem, address it with our professional filling (or a crown, if necessary).

See Us For The Care You Require To Protect Oral Health

Don’t forget that when you need improvement for your oral health, it’s essential that you come to us for professional treatment! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.