Dry Mouth: Why It’s Kind Of A Huge Deal!

Dry mouth might not cause you much concern once you notice that it’s hanging around. You may wish your smile felt a little better but you may fail to realize something: It’s actually kind of a huge deal! As you learn more about the oral health problems that stem from a mouth in need of additional moisture, you will quickly understand why seeing us to fix this concern is a must.

Without Enough Saliva, Food Tastes…

Weird. Or it just doesn’t taste like much at all. Remember that your mouth is the first stop when it comes to digesting your food. You take a bite and you rely on the enzymes in saliva (and its moisture) to begin breaking down the food and to let you taste that food. Dry mouth can make eating less enjoyable and can even leave you with a funny taste in your mouth when you’re not eating anything at all.

Without Saliva Flow, Bacteria Will…

Grow and multiply and stay put for much longer than if you had a mouth with sufficient flow, which is what happens with dry mouth. You may not realize it but one of saliva’s most important jobs is cleaning bacteria away throughout the day. What you probably do know is that too much bacteria can lead to all sorts of problems, some of which are mostly frustrating and others that can harm your oral health in serious ways:

  • Too much bacteria in your mouth will definitely lead to bad breath that you cannot seem to treat
  • An overgrowth of bad bacteria will cause your mouth to become more vulnerable to tooth decay, to gingivitis, and other bacteria-related illnesses

Make Dry Mouth Go Away By Visiting Our Team

When drinking extra water isn’t helping you address your dry mouth, come in for help. We will offer you the guidance and necessary care to resolve the issue. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.