It Really Isn’t Good To Ignore Your Sensitive Teeth

You might think that you’re being brave and strong as you do your best to ignore your sensitive teeth. However, you’re not going to benefit from making this decision! Instead, you’re going to find yourself with worsening discomfort. So, what does our Pella, IA team suggest, you wonder? Well, we think you’d be much happier if your teeth felt better and we would like you to consider why sensitivity is something to treat (and how we can help you out with that)! Let’s get your smile back to a feature you can actually use without a problem!

It’s Probably Going To Get In The Way Of Daily Life

Your sensitive teeth might be something you find just a tad bit annoying at first. However, the longer you deal with sensitivity, the more and more it’s probably going to get in the way of your daily life. Think about how frequently it can bother you: During breakfast, during your coffee or tea, as you drink water, during lunch, during snacks, during dinner, and even when you’re talking. This might be something you don’t think about too much when you’re on your own but what about in social settings? It can even end up uncomfortable to care for your smile, so we suggest addressing sensitivity.

It Could Mean That You Need Dental Care ASAP

You could have a cavity or some other issue that’s upsetting your teeth! See us for a checkup to find out what’s up, just in case.

It’s Something We Can Help With, So Don’t Wait!

Our team offers specific care for sensitive teeth, so don’t assume you’re just going to come in and leave with a handful of suggestions. Of course, we do have some recommendations for things you can do on your own at home that will benefit the comfort of your smile. In addition, we also offer treatments that will help minimize your discomfort, as you remember what it feels like to have a comfortable smile again! Such options include special toothpaste that helps keep teeth hard, strong, and comfortable. We also offer varnish in the form of fluoride and other essential minerals that will quickly alleviate your discomfort, while providing long-term protection against damage.

Seek Our Care For Dental Sensitivity, So We May Help!

See us for the care you require to get your smile back to feeling calm and non-reactive again! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.