Prevention: 3 Smart Choices For Your Kids

You have likely begun to master preventive care for yourself, which you know includes brushing, flossing, and seeing us at our Pella, IA practice for your cleanings and checkups. Of course, you know that your kids require a similar type of approach for prevention that works every day and in the long-run. What you may not feel quite as sure about is whether your kiddos may need some special stuff that your smile doesn’t, since yours is already all done growing. Let’s get started with some things to keep in mind for those grins, which we can further explain the next time we see you and your family!

Dental Sealants

One very smart choice for your child’s preventive care? Choose to place dental sealants. We understand that you may have a lot of questions about this treatment but in the end, remember that sealants protect your children’s teeth as they develop much better dental hygiene habits! For further information, come on in for a checkup. For now, remember:

  • Sealants “seal in” back tooth surfaces (the part used for chewing)
  • Sealants help prevent decay
  • Sealants are nearly invisible and can last for up to 10 years


Of course, you know that we may provide fluoride during dental checkups and cleanings for your kids. However, we remind you that your dental care at home should include fluoride, too! When your child’s developing teeth do not receive an adequate supply of this essential mineral, teeth are faced with some serious potential problems. They may not become as strong as they need to become. They may also be much more likely to develop decay, which is dangerous not only for baby teeth but the developing permanent teeth below. While we can speak with you during preventive care visits about the particulars, remember that the following is true:

  • Don’t give your kids bottled water. Instead, give them community water from the tap, if it is treated with fluoride, to ensure they’re consuming it.
  • Always use toothpaste with fluoride in it!


We remind patients who have children that when you maintain a structured approach to preventive care, it makes it so easy! Remember the following:

  • Plan on two visits, spaced six months apart, for cleanings and checkups
  • Plan out your brushing and flossing sessions at home, so you complete them around the same time every day and your kids will never be surprised by the experience (making them more likely to cooperative during dental hygiene!)
  • Keep your bathrooms stocked of all necessary products

Promote Healthy Developing Smiles

When you’re in charge of protecting the development of young, growing smiles, it can feel very challenging! Fortunately, when you check in with us regarding prevention, we can always help and steer you in the right direction. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.