When You Can Rely On Veneers “Instead”

When you are approaching our Pella, IA team to find out what you can do for smile improvements, you know that we offer a variety of cosmetic care treatments. You may, as you have a very particular change in mind, also assume that the treatment you have in mind is going to be what we will ultimately suggest. However, we remind you that in many cases, porcelain veneers may actually prove to be the clear winner in terms of which solution is going to best help you reach your grin goals! Consider some helpful examples!

When You Want A Whiter Smile

When you want a whiter smile, you brain may immediately have you completely convinced that what you’re going to need is teeth whitening. After all, you’ve heard about it before, you know that it’s a cosmetic care treatment that will remove staining from your teeth, and since you don’t really want anything else, you figure that it’s the solution for you. However, we remind you that just because whitening may seem like the logical step, sometimes porcelain veneers are the better option. Perhaps you have serious or very deep staining that’s just not going to respond very well to the traditional approach of bleaching gel. Fortunately, you can enjoy a widespread and beautiful improvement with the placement of veneers!

When You Need To Close Gaps

You might want to close some gaps in your smile, so you naturally assume that this is going to call for cosmetic care in the form of Invisalign treatment! When you need to say goodbye to spacing, this is the logical choice, right? Well, the answer is yes but only if you are actually dealing with serious spaces or misalignment. However, if your smile is generally well aligned and the little gaps are strictly esthetic, then we will likely suggest porcelain veneers instead, as making them slightly wider than your teeth will solve the problem!

When You’re Hoping For A Mild Alignment Improvement

Maybe your smile could look a little more uniform due to issues with symmetry, a bit of overlapping in one area or another, or a space here or there. As mentioned, you won’t necessarily need an orthodontic sort of treatment. Instead, veneers may offer the improvement you’re seeking.

When You Dislike Your Tooth Dimensions

Not very happy with the small size of your teeth? The width? The shape in general? Let us know. We can customize the particulars with porcelain veneers!

Seek Our Veneers For Versatile Improvement

When you’re ready for a particular type of improvement to your smile, remember to speak with our team about all of your options, including porcelain veneers. Schedule a visit to discover more with us soon! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.