3 Times To Rush Out To Buy A New Toothbrush 

Do you know what today might be? Well, it might be a fantastic day to rush out to buy a new toothbrush, if it turns out that yours isn’t in the best of condition to help you keep your oral health safe! Did you know that there are multiple factors associated with your brush that can either benefit or take away from your ability to practice optimal dental care? Good news: We can unveil the mystery, so you can quickly determine whether you’ve got it all under control or if this dental hygiene product is something you need to replace (and get to know just a bit better with the help of our Pella, IA team!).

#1: When Yours Looks Destroyed

Take a look at your toothbrush. How does it look? We remind you, the most important part to take a closer look at is the bristles. These are those straight, fibrous-looking bits that make up the head of your toothbrush and that let you remove plaque and debris from your smile during dental hygiene. If they look straight and fresh, then you’re good to go. However, if they look like they’ve been damaged or destroyed, you really don’t want to keep using your brush because it is not effectively cleansing your smile. Go get a new one!

#2: When You’re Not Happy

Are you sort of unhappy with the toothbrush you’re using? This could be for any number of reasons. Some patients prefer to use a particular model or color. Sometimes, you try a new toothbrush out and you find that it’s a little uncomfortable, hard to hold, that it isn’t really getting your smile very clean, etc. Whatever the case, when you don’t like what you’re using, it’s always a good enough reason to rush out to buy a new one!

#3: When It’s Been Four Months

Remember: One of those rules of thumb that you can count on in the world of preventive care is that you should always replace your toothbrush every three to four months. If you realize that the brush you’ve been using during dental hygiene is older than this, it means that your brush isn’t giving you as much cleansing power as a new one will. Go ahead and get a new one!

Rely On Our Dental Hygiene Suggestions

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