Is It Time To Revisit Your Preventive Routine?

Young bearded black guy showing thumbs up, smiling on camera yellow backgroundThere is not much out there that can be more frustrating than enduring a cosmetic stain or blemish, especially if you take strides to provide quality care for your smile. Indeed, you were probably informed at a young age that smile care is of the utmost importance, but how thorough is your at-home routine anyways? In today’s blog, your Pella, IA dentist discusses the way a well-rounded routine addresses multiple aspects of your oral cavity, and how effective preventive care can pave the way for a healthy grin for life.

Why Prevention Matters

It goes without saying that the protective layer of dental enamel that surrounds your teeth is among the strongest of substances produced by the human body. Indeed, it fends off harmful bacteria and other concerns, but bear in mind that just because it is strong, that does not mean it is indestructible.

Additionally, your enamel is only helpful when it comes to protecting your teeth. This leaves the other components that contribute to your oral health completely defenseless. So how can you address this? Simply put, by practicing a well-rounded preventive routine.

Your oral health is influenced by much more than just your teeth. As a matter of fact, your tongue, roots, gums, cheeks, and even throat all play a role as well. This means that in order for your smile to stay healthy, your at-home routine should be inclusive of these other factors as well. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

More Than Teeth Care

Brushing your teeth is the foundation of excellent preventive care, but it is not sufficient to stop there. Indeed, your dentist recommends rounding out your level of care at home to consider other important structures. This means also taking care to not just brush twice a day, but floss after meals, use mouthwash to reach the difficult areas that might have been missed by brushing, and of course, attend your routine checkups and cleanings. Only when you master caring for each of these components will you be able to enjoy your smile to its full potential, including a strong and healthy shine. For more information about this process and steps you can take, give our team a call today.

A Well-Rounded Practice

Your smile is one of a kind, and once you lose a permanent structure to infection or disease, you can expect a number of cosmetic, functional, and structural complications to arise. As such, it is always better to take ownership of your care sooner rather than later, and our team is more than willing to help.

Learn More Today

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