Pella Dentist Discusses Bad Dental Habits

Are you destroying your teeth with common bad habits? Many of our patients are surprised to learn how certain behaviors affect their oral health. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. They are strong enough to endure the daily functions of masticating food but certain habitual behaviors can impede your teeth’s ability to function properly. Additionally, common habits such as biting your fingernails or eating sugary food actually increase the presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Dr. Jeffrey Allen explains how bad dental habits negatively impact oral health.

Do you bite your fingernails?

Think about all the things your fingers touch throughout the day. Chances are your hands are covered in germs and bacteria from shaking hands with others, handling food, covering your mouth when you sneeze, and touching door knobs. Even if you wash your hands regularly, germs and bacteria become trapped beneath your fingernails. If you bite or chew your fingernails, you are transferring bacteria from your hands to your mouth.

Do you grind your teeth?

Bruxism is a common habit. Most people grind their teeth without realizing it—especially during sleep. Habitual teeth grinding is the result of stress, tension, and malocclusions. Over time, bruxism leads to tooth wear and microscopic cracks in tooth enamel. In severe cases, patients may actually fracture their teeth.

Do you drink soda or sports drinks?

Soda and sports drinks contain sugar and acid. This destructive combination leads to tooth decay. Strong acid destroys tooth enamel over time and sugar is a food source for streptococci mutans—an aggressive bacterium that contributes to dental caries.
We encourage patients to break bad habits and visit our Pella dentist office regularly for routine cleanings and checkups.

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