Is Your Drink Making Your Teeth Dull? Pella Cosmetic Dentist Answers

CoffeehouseEven as summer starts to heat up, many of us rely on our morning cup of coffee (or two, or three) to get us going in the morning. Perhaps you enjoy an iced coffee or iced tea. Or are you a soda drinker? You may not feel as fond of these beverages, however, if you realize how much staining they can cause on your. Your Pella cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, will talk more about all of your favorite caffeinated beverages and how they can affect your dental health.

Tooth Decay from Soda

Soda can cause tooth decay for a couple of different reasons: sugar and acid. The high concentration of sugar in soda can lead the way to cavity-town. Bacteria rely on sugar to multiply and create acid by-products. There is also acid in soda which further damages tooth enamel. In terms of aesthetics, your dentin can stain from the combination of enamel loss and the dark color of certain sodas.

Coffee Stains

Coffee can be a mixed bag for your dental health. Some studies show elements in coffee can contribute to stronger teeth and gums. Trigonelline, chlorogenic acid, and nicotinic acid (found in coffee) can help stop bacteria from attaching to your teeth. Coffee is acidic, however, so if you load it up with lots of sugar, you are probably taking away from any potential benefits that might be found in the coffee bean. Furthermore, the dark pigment of coffee can cause major staining on the surfaces and between teeth. Fortunately, your Pella cosmetic dentist can offer you several teeth whitening options so that you can undo the damage. You may want to stick to iced coffee after professional whitening, however, because the straw will help you bypass teeth and avoid more stains in the future.

Teeth Whitening from Pella Cosmetic Dentist

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