Pella, IA Dentist Explains Root Canal Therapy

Root CanalYour dentist is rooting for you to have good oral hygiene. If you brush twice each day, floss daily, rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, and visit your Pella, IA dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, every six months, you are well on your way. However, if you neglect your dental health, decay and gum disease can be just the beginning of a multitude of oral health issues. When bacteria travels down into the lower parts of your dental anatomy, your roots can become infected. A root canal is the channel that connects your body’s nervous system to your dental pulp. Read on to learn more about root canal procedures.

The Truth About Root Canals

Though the ideal goal would be to avoid any dental work beyond checkups and cleanings, don’t be mortified if you find out you need a root canal treatment. Root canal procedures have an unfounded reputation for being awful, when in fact they’re very similar to fillings. Your root canals travel from the center of your tooth down each of one to four roots in every single one of your teeth. Root canals are equipped with tiny accessory canals branching out from the main channel. Once tooth decay compromises your enamel and begins rotting away at your dentin, the canals can be easily reached, allowing bacteria to take a nice little trip into your roots to do further damage.

Root Canal Therapy

When bacteria spreads, root canals can become improperly shaped or even partially blocked. Root canal therapy involves halting infection, removing dead tissues, and sanitizing the area. Root canals can be reshaped by your Pella, IA dentist. Your tooth will be covered over with a filling or dental crown. Any toothache that you had prior to your root canal procedure will likely go away immediately.

Root Canal Procedures from Pella, IA Dentist

Dr. Allen offers root canal procedures to patients in need. Your dentist in Pella, IA, is also happy to provide a full range of comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Call (641) 628-1121 today to schedule an appointment. We are located on the west side of the historic town square in Pella, IA. Please see the map for directions.