Pella Dentist Explains Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

Relaxed StressedApproximately 40 million people in America completely avoid going to the dentist because of anxieties and phobias. If you are one of the many that have extreme fears about dental appointments, finding a dental team that understands your needs can completely turn around your relationship with maintaining your oral health. Sedation in dentistry has gained popularity over the years. Patients that would rather lose all of their teeth than go to the dentist, are surprised that they can have a calm, relaxing, and pleasant experience, thanks to various forms of sedation. Your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, explains one of the most popular forms of light sedation in dentistry: nitrous oxide.

Taking the Edge off with Kindness

Many patients simply need to feel understood. A dentist that is not willing to take the time to listen to your questions and give you thoughtful answers is perhaps not the right dental health advocate for you. Many of us will find our anxieties go away if we just have a simple explanation for things. A kind, calm, and gentle manner from your dentist can also go a long way. If the personality of your dentist or dental staff is causing you to feel worry and fear, perhaps you should seek a dental office that is more in tune with your personal needs. Communicate what you require, and any dentist worthy of working on your teeth will do their best to make you feel taken care of.

Nitrous Oxide Helps with Extreme Nerves

If a calming environment doesn’t sufficiently soothe your anxiety levels, nitrous oxide will definitely help. Also known as “laughing gas,” patients describe nitrous as evoking a warm and peaceful state. Administration of the gas is as simple as breathing nitrous oxide into the lungs. Your Pella dentist starts by placing a mask over your nose. The relaxing effects are immediately felt, and almost immediately wear off when the gas flow is turned off. For a patient that has been avoiding necessary dental appointments, this can be a terrific solution.

Nitrous Oxide from Pella Dentist

Your Pella dentist provides comfortable dental care to patients of all ages including nitrous oxide for certain patients. Contact our 50219 dentist office to schedule a checkup and cleaning, restoration consultation, or second-opinion visit. We are located on the west side of the historic town square in Pella, IA. Please see the map for directions.