Pella Dentist Offers Two Scenarios for Dental Bridges

Three WomenYou have options when you are missing teeth. Much will depend on the overall health of your gum tissue and jawbone, as well as how many teeth are missing, and if they are all in a row. The health of your remaining teeth will be a matter of concern as well. If it appears that the rest of your smile is on its  way out due to decay, full mouth extraction and complete dentures or dental implants could be necessary. If you are in need of less replacement, however, you may consider a dental bridge. Your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, will give you two examples of missing tooth cases that would be well suited to a bridge.

A Freak Dental Accident

Perhaps you’re a very active person. This is terrific for your physical and mental health. There are so many wonderful ways to stay physically fit while still having fun, but each of them has their own dangers. Whether you play in a soccer league, go to a kickboxing class, hike or rock climb on the weekends – any athletic pursuit could lead you down the road to a dental injury. That doesn’t mean you should live in a bubble. Accidents happen all the time in the strangest ways. You could fall down the stairs in your own house, trip and fall and slam into something with your mouth, or fall out of bed in your sleep. No one expects an accident. If you should lose a tooth as a result of any of these, or for some other reason, a dental bridge fitted with a prosthetic tooth can be fitted to your measurements to provide a comfortable, stable, functional, and cosmetic replacement.

You Use Your Teeth as Tools

Many people are accustomed to using their teeth to deal with things their hands can’t handle. You have a bag of chips you can’t seem to open, a stubborn replaced wine cork, or your friends dare you to open a can of soda without using your hands. Do not try any of these things at home, or anywhere else. Your teeth go through a lot, but they can be delicate, especially if they are weakened by existing decay. It just takes one moment of misusing your smile to ruin its natural state. However, we all make mistakes, so if this happens to you, see your Pella dentist about the possibility of a bridge with an attached cosmetic crown.

Dental Bridges from Pella Dentist

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