Pella Dentist Quizzes you on Periodontal Disease

SmileyYou know the effects of periodontal disease, or gum disease, on your oral health, but how much do you know about the effects of gum disease on the health of your body? Test your knowledge with this quiz from your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen.


Q1. True or false – Flossing can help you have healthier knees.
Q2. True or false – Once bacteria is in your bloodstream, it has a gateway to anywhere in your body.
Q3. True or false – Early periodontal disease (gingivitis) will not affect your overall health.
Q4. True or false – Gum disease is incurable.


A1. TRUE – Scientists have found that same bacteria that causes gum disease in the knees of arthritis patients. This is compelling evidence that germs can travel from the mouth all the way to the synovial fluid surrounding your kneecaps. DNA testing done by the researchers proved that the bacteria originated from periodontal disease.
A2. TRUE – Advanced periodontitis can cause harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Once it reaches the blood, it can theoretically be carried anywhere in the body, which is why these germs have been implicated in all sorts of health conditions from heart disease to brain ailments like dementia.
A3.  FALSE – Even patients with early gum disease showed bacteria in the weakened knee joints during the arthritis study.
A4. TRUE – A good preventive dental hygiene program can help you avoid gum disease. Be sure to brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice-a-day and floss every night. For added measures, you can rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Don’t forget to visit your Pella dentist every six months for dental check-ups and cleanings. However, even with all of those measures, once you have periodontal disease it will not completely go away. It can, however, be stopped from progressing with proper treatment such as scaling and root planing.

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