Pella Dentist Asks If your Fillings Need an Upgrade

Smiling Middle AgedOld metal dental work can easily be past its prime, depending on how long you’ve had it. Patients tend to be concerned about aesthetic issues, the potential of expansion (leading to cracked teeth) or mercury exposure. These days, we turn to composite resin fillings for patients with fresh tooth decay. Made of a durable plastic material, resin can handle pressure just like metal, but blend into your surrounding teeth without an unsightly appearance. Do you want to keep your fillings between you and your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen? Then consider replacing metal fillings with durable composite material.

Too Much Mercury?

Amalgam is made from an alloy of metals including silver, which contains mercury. There is some controversy over whether or not amalgam fillings contain enough mercury to cause harm. The important thing to consider is how you feel about it. If you are so concerned that you can’t stop thinking about mercury exposure from your metal fillings, your quality of life (and possibly health) will improve from replacement. You can consult with your Pella dentist to find out how much time and effort replacement of old amalgam fillings with mercury-free composite resin fillings will entail.

Avoiding Expansion

Even if mercury and aesthetics are not on the forefront of your mind, metal fillings sometimes expand and contract with temperature changes. This puts you at a high risk for a tooth fracture. A fracture in one of your teeth that is not treated can result in bacterial infestation deep within your dental pulp. This can mean root canal infection and eventually an abscess or tooth loss if left alone. To avoid discomfort and potentially invasive dental treatments, you can consider composite resin filling replacement as almost a preventive dental effort.

Tooth Colored Fillings from Pella Dentist

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