Pella Dentist on Potential Way to Lick Cavities Away

LollipopBrothersExciting new research is being conducted by Jose Cordoba of Yale University, and Erich Astudillo of Universidad de Santiago, in Chile, that can potentially eradicate the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities.  Keep 32 is the name of the chemical, and study data boasts that only 60 seconds of exposure in the human mouth is needed for effectiveness. Your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, explains how this amazing discovery might impact dentistry in the future.

How Does Keep 32 Fight Tooth Decay?

The molecule is named after the 32 teeth in the human mouth. Targeting streptococcus mutans (the name for bacteria that turn sugar into enamel eroding acid) Keep 32 could prevent tooth decay from ever starting in the first place. Exposure to the chemical could maintain a bacteria-free environment for several hours after the initial 60 second exposure. The researchers have been studying the molecule for five years. They are soon to begin a 14 to 18-month trial on humans to hopefully prove the cavity preventing power of Keep 32. Once on the market, the researchers believe products infused with Keep 32 could generate as much as $300 million within five years.

An Unusual Source for Cavity Protection

Says Astudillo, CEO of Top Tech Innovations (the company that holds the patent for Keep 32) “The molecule can not only be incorporated into a gum, but in products like toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss, candies, lollipops, dental night gel and other items that can be kept inside the mouth for at least 60 seconds.” Lollipops and hard candies, usually associated with tooth decay, could make oral hygiene a bit more fun for children and adults, alike. One sticking point might be if the chemical ends up classified as an antibiotic. If so, the researchers will need to prove that adding Keep 32 to every day dental products will not result in detrimental health consequences from over-exposure.

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