Pella, IA General Dentist Talks about Floss

Smiling Father and KidsHere’s an interesting fact that you may not realize: you can actually do yourself a service by flossing before you brush your teeth. Many people are taught to floss after. What does it matter? Well, think about what dental floss is designed for. The fine thread is meant to dislodge food particles, debris, and even bacteria from in between your teeth. Does that sound like anything you want hanging around on the surfaces of your teeth? When you floss prior to brushing, you can flush all of that between-the-teeth debris right out of your mouth. Pella, IA general dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, will tell you more about dental floss.

Not Enough of Us Flossing

Floss is made from various materials, but Gore-Tex is the most often used in commercial floss products. Unfortunately, many people neglect their flossing needs. In fact, daily flossing purchases should add up to about 122 yards per year, per person. Yet the average person only uses about 18 yards each year. What that boils down to is a scant 28 percent of the population following through with daily flossing. If you aren’t flossing because you don’t feel like you’re doing it quite right or it’s uncomfortable to you, ask your dental hygienist at your next dental checkup for a quick flossing lesson.

Floss for Prevention of Gum Disease

Flossing reduces the harmful oral bacteria that feed on food particles and other bacteria to create plaque at your gum line. The acid produced by the bacteria damages tooth enamel and causes cavities. These same bacteria can cause bad breath. Eventually, if you don’t have proper dental hygiene, bacteria, food particles, and acid create plaque. This hardens into tartar which can only be removed completely and safely by your dental hygienist. When plaque and tartar irritate your gum tissues, you can end up with gingivitis (early gum disease). This pervasive dental condition is the leading cause of adult tooth loss when it goes untreated.

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