Professional and Safe Teeth Whitening Results? Turn to your Dentist

Teeth WhiteningAs you age, while embracing the natural changes, it’s only normal to want to look as young as possible. There are extreme cosmetic answers to achieving a more youthful appearance. But then again there are much simpler answers to shaving a few years off of your look. Your smile may hold the key. A whiter, brighter set of teeth gives a more youthful appearance. As simple as the procedure is, Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen has witnessed incredible results in his patients. Will you be the next lucky patient to undergo professional teeth whitening?

A Brief Whitening History

Teeth whitening efforts have been traced back to ancient Egypt, and seen throughout history. Noticing the pleasant aesthetic of a white smile is clearly not a new concept. Luckily we don’t need to resort to the methods of our ancestors which included a mouthrinse of pulverized pumice and wine vinegar, or even urine. Be glad you weren’t opting for professional teeth whitening from the barbers of the 1800s. Their methods of drilling holes to pour lactic acid into the internal structure of teeth worked temporarily, but also destroyed teeth after short-lived whitening.

Turn to the Professionals

Sure, you could take whitening matters into your own hands and try out some of the over-the-counter methods that are readily available and may seem cost effective. Beware of the many companies promising amazing results with no real proof, however. You could end up throwing your money away on multiple kits, strips, gels, and pastes before you find one that actually works. Or you can simply lean on Dr. Allen for guaranteed bright and safe professional teeth whitening. Our high quality teeth bleaching kits offer you the convenience of whitening at home. Or your can opt for fast in-office treatment.

Teeth Whitening from Pella Dentist

Would you like to whiten your beautiful smile? Your Pella dentist can be reached at (641) 628-1121. We are happy to see patients, new and old, at our 50219 dentist office. We are located on the west side of the historic town square in Pella, IA. Please see the map for directions.