Advanced Technology Makes for the Best Dental Care

TechnologyPella family dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen has spent his career investing in advanced technology to make your dental appointments more efficient. Whether you need a dental checkup, fillings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, periodontal treatment for gum disease, or any comprehensive dental service, Dr. Allen and our team will make sure your experience is comfortable and safe. After all, if dentistry hadn’t evolved over the years, we might still be whitening smiles in barber shops by drilling holes and pouring nitric acid into teeth. Technology has its benefits, indeed.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

You can expect high quality and expert care at every dental checkup with our commitment to offering patients our undivided attention and care. We start with top-notch customer service to make your appointment scheduling and initial office time a pleasure. Our office is stocked with innovative technology. For instance, concerns over high rates of radiation from dental X-rays are a thing of the past. Dr. Allen uses digital radiography which emits substantially less radiation and is also better for the environment. Even the smallest cavities are found at the earliest possible stages thanks to X-rays and another test called DIAGNOdent. This modern handheld cavity detection device utilizes wavelengths between healthy and unhealthy teeth to discern even the slightest decay.

Comfortable Gum Disease Therapy

Scaling and root planing treatments are among the most effective ways to halt periodontal disease from advancing. Dr. Allen has taken the most effective periodontal disease procedures one step further by offering comfortable ultrasonic scaling and root planing. Using a handheld ultrasonic device, infection is removed from below the gumline with mild vibrations instead of tedious and uncomfortable scraping with metal tools. Many of our patients report that this form of gum disease treatment is far more relaxing than traditional scaling and root planing. Arestin topical antibiotics round out gum disease treatment. Applied in a powder form, Arestin is an added insurance in effective, non-surgical gum disease treatment.

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