Why Tooth Extraction?

tooth extractionAs a child losing a tooth was a time for celebration. If you kept it and put it under your pillow at night, the Tooth Fairy might come and leave some extra cash for your next ice cream cone or candy bar. Ironic isn’t it? As an adult losing a tooth is not the ideal situation. With all the procedures for saving teeth these days, you may wonder why anyone would need a tooth pulled, but in some cases tooth extraction is the best option.  If you are having trouble with a tooth, your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, can evaluate your condition and discuss your treatment options.

Reasons For Extracting Teeth

Today minimally invasive dentistry tries to save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, but there are reasons your dentist will choose to extract your tooth. For instance, sometimes the tooth is too damaged or decayed to save.

  • The pulp of your tooth can be likened to your heart. It is the living center of the tooth. It consists of nerves and blood vessels. If damage or decay extend into the pulp, infection may develop. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp and replaces it with gutta-percha (a rubber-like material). This saves the healthy structure of the tooth. However, if the infection cannot be controlled by antibiotics or a root canal, extraction–to prevent the spread of infection–is required.
  • The dentist may extract a tooth if the mouth is overcrowded and it is causing discomfort or a misaligned bite. Removing a tooth can help properly realign your bite. Teeth are also removed to allow room to straighten crooked teeth when preparing a patient for braces.
  • Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an infection of the gingival (gum) tissue and the supporting bone structure. It can cause loose teeth, or lead to tooth extraction.
  • If the tooth is impacted (still stuck in the gum) because there is no room for it to erupt, it can be extracted. This sometimes happens with wisdom teeth.
  • If your health is compromised due to a chronic illness or medication, tooth extraction would be the treatment of choice, in order not to exacerbate your condition.

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