True-or-False Questions on Invisible Orthodontics

Smile GalInvisalign is considered by many to be the clear solution for straightening teeth. For teens and adults who feel self-conscious about the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, but believe straight teeth will improve their quality of life, Invisalign is a great alternative. To learn more about this innovative orthodontics system, challenge yourself to a quiz on Invisalign.


Q1. True or false: Invisalign is a one-size-fits-all system of aligners designed for any patient, regardless of their specific needs.
Q2. True or false: Invisalign aligners are made of state-of-the-art porcelain.
Q3. True or false: Dentists keep the different sizes and shapes of Invisilign aligners in their office, similar to the way many optometrists keep different sizes and types of contact lenses on site.
Q4. True or false: Invisalign is terrific for people with underbites or overbites.


A1. FALSE – Invisalign is completely customized to the individual patient. It all begins with an extensive set of measurements and impressions of your teeth. Invisalign uses three-dimensional computer imaging which allows you to view a sneak preview of what your teeth will look like when your entire treatment is finished.
A2. FALSE – Invisalign is a series of customized aligners meant to be changed every two weeks throughout treatment. Since you need so many aligners, they are made out of cost-effective plastic.
A3. FALSE – A professional Invisalign lab is sent your measurements and impressions so they can expertly manufacture your personalized aligners. They are then mailed back to Dr. Allen.
A4. TRUE – Invisible braces are a great choice for people who have one or more of the following orthodontic issues: overcrowded teeth, improper spacing, crossbites, underbites, and/or overbites.

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