Invisalign: Invisible Braces, Visible Results

Benefits of clear braces in Pella, IAWhen you think of the typical braces wearer, what comes to mind? Movies and sitcoms might lead you to believe that only children and teenagers wear braces, and that they do so with much lisping, discomfort, and the tell-tale flash of glinting metal brackets and wires. Maybe this was somewhat accurate a decade or so ago, but much has changed since then, says Dr. Jeffrey Allen. Dr. Allen, along with Dr. Denise Neumann, would certainly know; they now offer Invisalign in Pella, IA as an alternative to metal braces.
Until fairly recently, adults who wanted straighter teeth had limited choices. Traditional orthodontia delivered the desired results, but the prolonged treatment time of up to two years was off-putting, as was the highly conspicuous appearance of metal and the intrusive nature of bands, brackets, and wires. Many found that wearing braces went against their image as a mature, professional adult. For those who opted for metal, daily life was riddled with the potential for mouth-related mishaps, from the food trapped between wires during an important business lunch to the popped bracket that delays a meeting with clients.

The Clear Choice for Easily Cleaned Teeth

Tooth decay is a very real threat for those who wear metal braces. Properly cleaning between teeth and hardware adds as much as a half-hour to the hygiene routine, and even then food still becomes lodged in various crevices. Flossing becomes an ordeal, and many patients skip this important step altogether. With Invisalign? Not so much. Therein lies the beauty of invisible braces. When it’s time to brush and floss, you need only remove the aligners from your top and bottom teeth—no Proxabrush, no orthodontic tape or flossers.

Improved Comfort and Compliance

Whereas metal braces gouge, cut, and rub the inside of your cheeks and lips, each Invisalign liner is a single piece of clear plastic that fits directly over your teeth. In fact, they’re practically undetectable by others during wear. There’s no need for orthodontic wax or nursing your tender mouth while trying to eat, speak, and be productive. Because treatment time is less than that of other alternatives, compliance is generally greater with Invisalign. Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann point out that adults considering Invisalign must bear in mind that the treatment will require regular visits to their Pella, IA dentist office. Every 10-14 days, you’ll receive a fresh new set of aligners.
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