Don’t Let the Holidays Derail Your Dental Health

Preventive Dentistry this Holiday SeasonIf you’re worried about sticking to a healthy diet this holiday season, and taking great care of your smile, don’t be. With a bit of smart planning and some self-control, it’s easy enough to make it through the holidays with your oral health in tact! From grocery shopping to food storage, here are some of your preventive dentist’s best tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy all season long, and beyond.

Eat Smart and Don’t Skip Out on Preventive Care

One easy trick for eating healthier, in general, but particularly if your house is filled with freshly-baked Christmas cookies, cupcakes and other tempting treats, is to also keep your house stocked with healthy alternatives to bad snacks. The more visible the healthy food, the better, too!

  • Studies have shown you’re more likely to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables if you see them on a regular basis. So, stow the kids’ chips, crackers and cookies away in the pantry, and place a bowl of fruits on your kitchen counter, and pre-chopped veggies front and center in your fridge. This way both you and your kids are more likely to grab something nutritious than to dig through the pantry for more sugary treats.
  • Nuts are another healthy snack option, as long as you eat them in moderation. Consider making snack-sized portions at the beginning of the week, so you’ll have a great midday pick-me-up packed away.
  • Dairy products can also be nutrient-packed options for meals and snacks. Just make sure to limit portions, and always select yogurts with little to no added sugar. Otherwise you could end up consuming just as much sugar as you would in a candy bar.
  • Making healthy choices is a great way to fuel your body, well, but also to help make sure your next dental checkup goes smoothly!