This Year, Care for Your Family’s Teeth with Preventive Dentistry

Family Dentistry Preventive CareDoes your family like to ring in the new year by talking about resolutions you have each set? Even if your kids are too young to begin setting their own goals, there is one resolution you can and should make as a family: to take great care of your smiles. Sadly, as people get busy, many neglect their dental care. This can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems that can have far-reaching effects, on both the function and beauty of your smile, as well as your overall health. So as you set out to start a new year, be sure to put preventive dentistry on your resolutions list!

What Can a Family Dentist Do for You?

Most adults realize they should be attending regular dental checkups, but they may not know how often “regular” means, or when children should start visiting the dentist. For most patients, including kids whose teeth have started to come in, bi-annual checkups are important to maintaining great oral health. In fact, if your whole family is overdue for a visit, you could schedule a day early in the new year to all go in for a checkup and cleaning.

For kids who either have all their teeth, or have just started losing some of their “baby teeth,” your dentist may advise the use of a sealant to help protect their teeth from cavities. Be sure to talk to him or her about the benefits of sealants, like fluoride treatment.

The whole family also needs to take care of your smiles at home. So make daily brushing and flossing a part of your bedtime routine, and make sure everyone brushes once in the morning, as well. This can help drastically reduce the likelihood of developing dental problems, and can help make your next dental checkup go even better!