What Could a Dental Crown Do for Your Smile?

What Can a Dental Crown Do for Your Smile?Have you recently been told you require restorative treatment for a bad cavity, or even an abscessed tooth? Is your smile in need of a prosthetic replacement after tooth loss? Did you chip or crack a tooth during a game of basketball? Are you tired of people commenting on your shiny gold crown when you smile? These are just a few of the many reasons you might benefit from a modern dental crown. In fact, you might be surprised just how many reasons there are to ask your restorative dentist about the benefits of a crown. As a way of protecting damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth, or even replacing outdated (or ugly) dental work, a beautiful dental crown can do wonders for your smile, and your confidence!

Do You Need Restorative Dental Work?

Though metal amalgam fillings can still be used to restore smiles, many dentists and patients prefer the esthetic benefits of porcelain or even zirconia crowns. Porcelain dental crowns, in particular, have become extremely popular as ways to improve smiles after dental problems like cavities or even cracks or chips. That is because porcelain can be made to closely match existing teeth, so the resulting improvements are seamless as well as long-lasting.

Plus, porcelain is similar to teeth’s natural enamel, which means it should age like your other teeth, and can even be cared for the way you take care of the rest of your natural smile.

Incomplete Smile? A Crown Could Help

One of the most interesting and comprehensive uses for dental crowns, however, is as a way of coping with tooth loss. Both dental bridges and dental implants can be made utilizing porcelain crowns, which may offer patients esthetic benefits, compared to dentures and other prosthetic options.