3 Ways To Boost Brushing Effectiveness

toothbrushsmileAll it takes to keep up a beautiful smile that remains healthy is dedication to your preventive care habits both at home and with our practice. As a result, you need to brush your teeth, you need to floss your teeth, and you need to come in for cleanings and exams. Do you feel like you’ve gotten everything down pat but you continue revisiting your brushing habits? Don’t worry – we can offer some quick suggestions that will ensure your daily brushing is leading to the best results possible.

#1: Use Your Best Brush

If something isn’t quite right with your toothbrush, you may be sabotaging your preventive care before your first stroke. The good news is that this is easy to remedy. First, make sure you’re not using an old brush (or someone else’s brush!). If the brush looks old – or it’s more than three months old – start over with a brand new toothbrush. Purchase brushes that have soft bristles, that fit comfortably within your oral cavity, and that display the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the outer packaging. It’s that easy.

#2: Don’t Cut Yourself Short

If you fail to brush for the suggested amount of time, you may leave behind traces of plaque and tartar that will end up contributing to tooth decay and other problems like gingivitis. To avoid concerns altogether, simply remain dedicated to completing your home preventive care successfully. Brush in the morning and brush again at night. Brush for the recommended time of two minutes during each hygiene session.

#3: Be Consistent … Very Consistent

Don’t skip a brushing session. Don’t cut your session short. Remain totally dedicated to the guidelines (which are quite easy to follow), so your oral health steadily remains in good condition.