Q&A: TMJ Disorder Treatment

q&arainbowDo you have questions about TMJ disorder treatment? Are you curious in part about what to expect from the therapy we offer? Perhaps you are already receiving treatment but you are not sure what you might be able to do on a daily basis to work with – not against – the treatment we have provided. Whatever the case, always remember that we are more than happy to answer your questions, so do bring them up during your next visit. For now, we have collected a few questions (and offered answers) to alleviate some uncertainty.

Q&A: TMJ Treatment

Question: What type of TMJ disorder treatment do you offer?

Answer: We treat patients with TMD by taking a comprehensive look at the problem and the potential causes. For instance, if you suffer from old, unbalanced dental work, we may suggest replacements for your restorations. If you are dealing with misalignment, we may suggest orthodontic care. For all patients, the use of oral appliance therapy will alleviate pressure, strain, and discomfort. You will wear a custom-crafted oral splint at night, giving your TMJs time to rest.

Question: If I rely on TMJ disorder treatment, is that enough? Can I go about my day as usual?

Answer: It is helpful but you will need to take special care to achieve good results. If we suggest orthodontic treatment or restorative work, moving forward with these services will address the deeper cause of the disorder. In addition, it is important that you treat your TMJs gently throughout the day to avoid causing aggravation.

Question: How do I go about treating my jaw joints with gentle care?

Answer: Simply avoid anything that places additional strain or pressure on them. Don’t snack all day. When you do snack or eat, stay away from foods that require strong or extensive chewing. Skip chew-heavy habits like gum chewing or biting your nails.