Fabulous Flossing Tips

dentalflossmeasuringAre you feeling a little bit embarrassed about your usual dental hygiene habits? Why is that? Could it have something to do with your tendency to skip the dental floss and instead rely solely on brushing your teeth? Don’t worry, you are certainly not the first patient who has felt resistant to the idea of flossing. The good news is that we find most patients feel much more motivated to floss when they receive some helpful tips regarding the best way to approach this process. Consider some helpful advice and see for yourself!

Tip #1: Buy Floss You Like

If you hate mint and you buy mint-flavored floss, you’re not doing your dental hygiene any favors. Take some time to explore your options. You may be surprised by the broad selection of flavors, textures, and floss widths that exist out there. Do you have sensitive gums? No problem: There’s a floss crafted specifically for your needs.

Tip #2: Use Enough And Wrap It Correctly

If you are using a small segment of floss, you’re going to relocate plaque from one part of your smile to the next. To rid your smile of plaque, you need to use about 18 to 24 inches of floss, so you never use the same segment twice. As for wrapping the floss, skip the urge to wind it around your index fingers and instead use your middle fingers as your anchors. You can then move it throughout your mouth with your pointers and thumbs. As a result, numb fingertips will become an issue of the past.

Tip #3: Bend It, Curve It, Make A C-Shape

However you refer to it, we suggest you curve the floss to the side into a small c-shape, so you are gripping the side of your tooth with the floss. This offers exceptional results during dental hygiene sessions.