Restorative Dentistry Quiz

quizgreenHow familiar are you with restorative dentistry? Do you know that when something is wrong with your smile, you will likely need a restorative service? Perhaps you know that if you develop a cavity, you will be coming in for us to repair your tooth with a treatment like a filling – but your knowledge does not extend much further than this fact. To find out how much you do know (and possibly to add some new information to your current understanding of restorations), enjoy a brief but very helpful quiz.

Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: Restorative dentistry is never cosmetic in nature – it strictly repairs problems.
  2. True or False: You may only repair your existing teeth with restorative dentistry – if you are missing teeth, you will need specialized care.
  3. True or False: The only reason a patient ever requires a restoration is because he or she practices poor dental hygiene.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. In many instances, restorative dentistry provides you with a repaired smile and oral health, while offering cosmetic benefits. For instance, a white filling fixes your tooth and ensures it looks beautiful again.
  2. False. Restorative care seeks to make your smile what it once was – healthy and complete. If you are dealing with tooth loss, we can replace missing teeth with restorative treatments like a bridge or implant.
  3. False. While poor hygiene may contribute to a need for a restoration, it is not the only cause. For instance, you may walk into a door and break a tooth, leading you to the need for a dental crown.