When Should I Come In For A Filling?

toothfullwhiteFiguring out the best time to come in for a dental filling depends on a variety of factors. Have you been diagnosed with tooth decay and received a recommendation for a filling yet? Perhaps your tooth hurts but you are not sure what is wrong. Allow us to guide you through the steps you should take if you think a filling is in order, so you achieve the restored oral health you’re seeking with the greatest results.

Do You Have A Cavity?

If you have already visited us, received a dental examination, and we have suggested you schedule a dental filling, you should schedule your filling right away. You may have noticed as we explained tooth decay to you that it is a disease that continues to progress. Eventually, the decay can takeover your tooth, lead to breakage, and even cause an infection. Fill the cavity and the problem is solved.

Do You Think You Have A Cavity?

Do you suspect that you might have a cavity because of a toothache? Does it look like part of your tooth is darker than the rest? Remember that toothaches and darkening can represent a cavity – or they can present themselves as symptoms of other problems. First, contact us for a checkup. Then, we will offer a diagnosis to determine whether you need a dental filling or another treatment.

Do You Dislike Your Metal Fillings?

Not happy with the way your metal fillings look in your smile? We do not offer amalgam – instead, we offer composite fillings (also known as “white fillings”). If you are unhappy with the esthetics of your restorations, call us at your leisure, so we may discuss whether replacement fillings will work for your goals.