Could You Be Struggling with a Dental Cavity?

Struggling with a CavityDo you like to start your day with a piping hot cup of coffee? Sadly a cavity can certainly get in the way of that. It can also make it nearly impossible to enjoy dessert, and could even make you feel embarrassed to smile. That is because dental decay, like cavities, can affect both the look of your teeth and how they feel. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry makes it possible to bounce back from cavities confidently, through seamless restorations like tooth-colored fillings. A natural-looking tooth filling allows you to smile proudly, knowing people will not notice your dental restoration; they’ll only see your beautiful smile!

How Your Dentist Can Provide a Beautiful Restoration

Dental fillings were once made primarily of metal amalgam, that posed cosmetic and comfort problems for many patients, especially those with metal allergies. Fortunately modern restorations can be made of more comfortable and less conspicuous materials like composite resin.

  • Composite resin can be made to match teeth’s natural shading, and then carefully sculpted to fit seamlessly within a patient’s smile, in order to provide a restoration that looks and feels more natural than metal.
  • Plus, because the resin bonds tightly with teeth and requires less space, it allows dentists to preserve more of a patient’s healthy tooth structure.
  • If you do suspect you have a cavity, be sure to seek restorative treatment as quickly as possible. Fillings can generally preserve teeth affected by dental decay, however the longer a cavity is left untreated, the more likely extensive measures will become necessary. Root canal therapy, for instance, becomes necessary when a cavity leads to a tooth infection.