Send Your Kids Back to School with Healthy Smiles

Dental Checkups Before SchoolThe first day of school is nearing quickly, now, and with it will likely come a mix of excitement and anxious anticipation at what the year holds. Before the first class bell rings, though, wouldn’t you like to make sure your kids’ smiles are in tip-top shape? A dental checkup and cleaning can help make sure your kids’ teeth and gums are in good health and photo ready, before the first day of school and all the subsequent excitement.

Schedule Their Preventive Visits Before Classes Begin

One of the best reasons to schedule your kids’ checkups now, while they are still on summer break, is so they won’t have to miss any key class material or tests in order to receive vital preventive care. While most schools accept dentists’ notes as acceptable reasons for absence or tardiness, why bother with it when you could simply visit the dentist, as a family, over summer vacation? Remember, after turning one, children will require regular checkups and cleanings at least twice a year for the rest of their lives.

Make Sure They Keep Up Their Dental Hygiene Routine

To help prevent dental problems from developing, make sure daily brushing and flossing are part of your kid’s schedules. Chore charts can be helpful reminders for young children that they need to brush each morning and night, and floss once as well. For older kids, consider making dental hygiene part of the way they earn their allowance. Or skip the incentives altogether, if it’s not your parenting style, and simply emphasize the importance of dental hygiene in maintaining healthy and beautiful smiles throughout life. Just make sure you follow up by setting a great example for them, by demonstrating great dental hygiene yourself and by regularly visiting the family dentist!