Need a Smile Update? Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your SmileHas it been years, and seemingly ages, since you last felt confident when you saw your smile? Whether in a photograph, or the mirror, if you have grown embarrassed by your smile, it’s time to stop hiding it, and to instead learn how cosmetic dentistry could help. Many people don’t realize just how many cosmetic treatment options are available, for improving upon the smile’s natural beauty. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn just what a cosmetic dentist could do to reverse your esthetic concerns, and to create a beautiful smile in their place.

Troubled By Staining?

One of the most common reasons patients seek cosmetic dentistry, is due to noticeable staining or discoloration. Though the teeth’s enamel is strong and naturally stain-resistant, it is still porous, which means that in time, the teeth can begin to look aged and even discolored, lacking the vibrancy and brightness they once possessed.

Professional teeth whitening can help to rejuvenate the smile, by bringing back this brightness. It works by breaking up the surface stains, and creating dramatically whiter teeth, often lightening teeth by eight shades or more.

Are Some Teeth Disproportionate?

Porcelain veneers are another popular form of cosmetic dentistry, and they are prized for both their longevity and the many ways they can improve the teeth’s appearance.

Veneers can be used to make disproportionately small or misshapen teeth more symmetrical within the smile, but they can also hide permanent staining or minor gaps between the teeth, making them one of the most versatile cosmetic solutions!