Is Your Diet Damaging Your Dental Health?

Is Your Diet Hurting Your Dental Health?Are you a self-described health nut, who has taken many steps over the past few months or even years to lead a healthier lifestyle? If so, one of the first things you may have done is overhaul your diet. While it is always a good idea to move away from greasy foods, and to adopt a more nutrient-rich diet, in some people’s quest for great health, they could actually be doing their teeth a disservice. That is because many seemingly healthy foods, especially those marketed to athletes, are surprisingly high in sugar, and other ingredients that can be bad for your teeth. So, if you truly care about your whole body, including your smile, make sure your diet isn’t actually sabotaging your dental health!

Beware Added Sugars

From granola bars to sports drinks, almond milks to power bars, if you haven’t been looking at the ingredient list on the pre-packaged items you buy, you might be shocked by just how much sugar many of them contain.

Protein powders, energy drinks, and other items labeled as healthy, even those sold in so-called health or holistic stores, and many gyms as well, can be loaded with added sugar, that could be detrimental to your dental health. That is because sugar is one of the leading causes of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems, all because the plaque bacteria in the mouth feed on sugars and other simple starches. The more sugar you consume, then, the more likely you are to struggle with dental problems. (Of course, poor hygiene or a lack of checkups and cleanings can also contribute to dental issues.)

To avoid oral health issues, always read the labels before you buy foods and beverages. Look for those with little to no added sugar on the ingredient list, and certainly avoid items which lists sugar in its many forms (high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, molasses, honey, etc.) as one of its main ingredients.