Would a Dental Crown Help Your Smile?

Would a Dental Crown Help Your Smile?Are you curious how to know if you could have a dental problem? Perhaps you already know you have a cavity, chip, or even a crack, yet you have delayed a visit to the dentist for fear what the restoration will mean for the esthetics of your smile? Have you considered speaking with a dentist about the modern and nearly seamless restoration options that are currently available, for helping to restore the smile both comfortably and beautifully? In some cases, patients with outdated or even uncomfortable restorations may also want to consult a dentist about how their smiles could be updated.

Restorative Treatment Is Necessary When Teeth Become Damaged

Discomfort is one common indicator that a dental problem has developed. Even staining and discoloration can sometimes be symptoms of cavities, though, as white patches and grey or black lines can all be indicators that the enamel has been damaged.

In the case of damage caused by an accident, you may or may not be able to detect that an issue has developed. Keep in mind that sometimes intrinsic damage can be done to teeth, which will not be visible, but that could jeopardize the health of the tooth and the smile, as well.

For this reason it is best to schedule a restorative appointment if you notice symptoms of a cavity or other issue, or anytime you have suffered an injury to your smile.

Dental Crowns Offer Comfort and Cosmetic Appeal

In the case of deep cavities, chips, cracks, and many other dental problems, dentists often recommend dental crowns, because of the sturdy protection they can provide damaged teeth, but also because of the esthetic benefits they provide.