Quiz Time: Periodontal Disease

quiz-time-periodontal-diseasePerhaps at a dental appointment you have heard us mention periodontal care or periodontal disease, and wondered exactly what that meant. Periodontal structures are those that support the teeth, such as your gums. Periodontal disease refers to problems with your gums, from mild inflammation, to the serious condition called periodontitis. In the early stages, you may be able to reverse periodontal disease with careful brushing and home care. We can address periodontal disease issues with techniques such as scaling, root planing and antibiotics. Can you score 100% on this quiz?

Q1: Healthy Gums Are:

A. Dark and soft
B. Pink and firm
C. It doesn’t matter how gums look

Answer: B. Every mouth differs slightly, but in general gums should have a pinkish tone, a firm feel, and  they should adhere tightly to the tooth where it enters the gum line. Gums that are very dark, mushy or soft, painful, or do not form a strong seal at the tooth need to be examined by a dental professional. If this describes your gums, please call us for an appointment!

Q2: When Healthy Gums are Brushed Properly, They Bleed:

A: Hardly ever or not at all
B: Often, but only for a few minutes
C: Every time

Answer: A. Healthy gums should not bleed when brushed with proper techniques. We can help you learn techniques to brush effectively. Gums that bleed when brushed properly may be indicating periondontal disease.

Q3: Which Terms Refer to Treatments for Periodontal Disease:

A. Scaling
B. Extracting
C. Root Planing

Answer: A and C. Scaling and root planing are highly effective in-office techniques to address periodontal distress. Extracting refers to the removal of a tooth. Working as a team, our goal is to help you maintain periodontal health,  and retain the beauty of your smile.