Could You Feel More Confident with a Dental Prostheses?

Could You Feel More Confident with a Prostheses?Do you ever sit down to enjoy a meal, only to experience dread, instead? You may feel embarrassed by your incomplete smile, or uncertain whether your denture is going to shift uncomfortably as you chew. When you have lost a tooth, much less several, it can be hard to look forward to dinner with friends, or even with family. Fortunately, your restorative dentist likely has a solution that could help you start smiling again, soon. Modern prostheses are made to complete a smile comfortably, and to improve a patient’s confidence, as well.

Stop Feeling Insecure When Eating

While dentures remain a popular form of addressing tooth loss, not all patients are comfortable with how unsupported dentures feel, particularly during mealtimes. For added security, dentists often recommend either dental bridges or dental implants, both of which help to stabilize replacement teeth.
Dental bridges can often be completed quickly, and yet they are far more secure than dentures, alone. That’s because they utilize dental crowns affixed to a patient’s remaining teeth in order to stabilize a prosthetic, such as a pontic, or fake tooth.
Dental implants are even more secure, however, and that is because they involve surgically placing a titanium piece that serves to mimic the role of a health tooth root. This not only securely holds a prosthetic in place, but it also helps to nourish the jaw, the way a healthy tooth root does, allowing for more sustained structure of the jaw, over time.

Start Enjoying Your Meals Again

To determine which solution is right for you, schedule a consultation with your restorative dentist, who can determine which treatment is the best option, based on your current oral health, how many teeth you have lost or had extracted, your timeframe for treatment, your budget, and other mitigating factors.