Want a Whiter Smile? Here’s What Can Help

Want a Whiter Smile? Here’s What Can HelpIf you spend a great deal of time wishing your smile was brighter and whiter, it is likely due to existing stains or discoloration that have caused your smile to look dingy. While some degree of staining is natural over time, many lifestyle factors can hasten how quickly teeth become discolored, leading to smiles that look much older than a person actually is, much less how he or she feels. Tobacco use, for instance, can lead to noticeably yellow or even brown-looking teeth. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help create brighter and whiter smiles. If you want to prolong the great results of a teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatment, though, its important to make healthy choices, especially where your smile is concerned.

What Are You Drinking And How It Impacts Your Oral Health

If you are a frequent coffee, tea, soda or red wine drinker, chances are you will start to notice staining much quicker than if you only ever drank water. The reason is twofold. First, these drinks are dark in color, which allows them to stain the surface of the teeth slowly, over time. Secondly, they are all highly acidic, which means that they can actually begin to erode the teeth’s enamel, making it more susceptible to staining but also to dental decay, like cavities.
You don’t have to quit drinking your favorite beverages altogether, to protect your smile. However, it is important to drink them in moderation, if you want to enjoy both a healthy and beautiful, bright smile moving forward.
Opting for water is always the best choice, but when you do have a staining beverage, there are several ways you can also mitigate how much staining your favorite dark drinks can cause, too.

  • Drink through a straw, if possible, to minimize how much beverage comes in contact with your teeth’s enamel. This is obviously not recommended for hot drinks, like coffee.
  • Limit how much sugar you add to your beverages, since sugar can lead to cavity development, along with tooth discoloration.
  • Enjoy your beverage of choice with a meal. The act of chewing creates saliva which naturally helps to limit plaque buildup.
  • When you do have coffee, soda, or another sweetened or acidic beverage, brush your teeth afterwards if possible. If not, chewing a sugar-free piece of gum can help to gently clean the teeth.
  • Don’t forget that preventive checkups and cleanings are essential to protecting the smile from acidic erosion. They also help keep the smile looking beautiful and bright.
  • Want a Whiter Smile?

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