Are You On Track With Your Invisalign Treatment?

If you’re using Invisalign treatment to get your teeth into proper alignment, then you probably want to keep that treatment as on track as possible (so you can achieve the final result you’ve been planning on). Unfortunately, if you’re not keeping up with the essential details (like wearing them often enough), you’ll find that your progress slows, it may take a lot longer to reach that final result, and other complications may arise. Good news! By answering our questions, you’ll know just what to do to begin making the most of your treatment (if you aren’t already doing so).

Are You Scheduling Your Visits?

Are you remembering to pick up the phone to call us, so you can schedule your follow-up visit? Or, are you scheduling visits on your way out of our practice? If so, are you keeping up with them and actually showing up or have you cancelled a few times? In order to progress successfully throughout Invisalign treatment, your visits are absolutely key (primarily because you’ll receive your next set of trays).

Are You Wearing Your Trays As Suggested?

Do you follow our general guidelines regarding the amount of time trays should remain in your mouth and how often it’s okay to have them out? When you’re wearing trays for less than 20 hours on a daily basis, your Invisalign treatment does not have the full chance to work as it is meant to do.

Are You Protecting Your Trays, Too?

Are you keeping your trays safe when you eat, cleansing them as we suggest, taking them out to eat and drink, and more? If so, then good for you! This will ensure progress goes smoothly.

See Us For Invisalign Treatment For A Straighter Smile

If you’re interested in a straight smile, speak with us about whether Invisalign treatment may be the best next step for you. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.