3 Truths About Dental Hygiene

There are some dental hygiene details that are based on opinion. For example, the statement “mint toothpaste tastes the best” is not a hard and fast truth! Instead, it may or may not be true for you. Then, there are some details that are simply fact. When you’ve got them memorized, it makes it much easier for you to check in with your habits from time to time to make sure you’re making the most of your care when at home. Let’s work our way through a few of these factors, so you’re on the up and up with your brushing and flossing.

#1: It’s Not Effective If You Cut Corners

Your dental hygiene is only effective if you are thorough and pay attention to detail. Since a successful day of hygiene does not require that much from you, this should be easy to accomplish. When you skip a brushing session, avoid flossing, or aren’t thorough, you leave behind tartar-causing plaque that is sure to cause cavities and encourage gingivitis.

#2: It’s One Part Of A Complete Dental Care Approach

Dental hygiene is one piece of the puzzle. Add it to a complete approach by seeing our team for six-month checkup and cleaning visits and then you’re definitely on track.

#3: It Will Probably Never Change

We are often met with many questions about dental hygiene and whether it’s going to change. The good news is that in most cases, this part of your life will remain consistent forever! If you receive a cosmetic treatment, if you receive a restoration, if you’re wearing a dental bridge or implants, etc., the basics typically stay as they are. You’ll brush twice a day (two minutes per brushing session) with a brush that has soft bristles. You’ll floss once daily. See? Simple.

Learn All About Protecting Your Smile With Our Care

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