Porcelain Veneers: Your FAQs (With Answers)

So, you’re thinking about the dazzling and exceptional transformation you can expect from porcelain veneers? Good for you! When you have decided that it’s time to do something about esthetic problems with your smile, moving ahead with a cosmetic treatment choice that will lead you toward the completion of your goals is certainly worth doing. Well, it’s easy for us to say this to you, of course, because we already know all about veneers! However, if you think you are ready for them but you’re still full of concerns and questions, we think it’s time for you to navigate your way through a brief (but very helpful) FAQs session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are porcelain veneers going to look big or chunky? I’m always worried that once they’re complete, they might look good but maybe they won’t complement my face.

Answer: They will not look big or chunky. They will not look artificial. They will, however, complement your face. This is because we take great care to ensure the details blend beautifully with your smile itself and with your facial structure.

Question: Is it going to be a very long journey to end up with a smile that includes porcelain veneers? I don’t want it to take a year until I can feel good about my smile!

Answer: No! It’s going to be a quick one. Only two visits (or three) are required from the start to the final step of your veneers.

Question: Why can’t you just complete a set of porcelain veneers in a single visit?

Answer: We can’t see you, make your veneers, and then place them in one visit. This is because we must talk with you, examine your smile, gather impressions, prep your teeth, have a master ceramicist create your veneers, try them on your teeth, and then place them.

 Get The Veneer Answers You Need During A Consultation

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