Insurance: Use It Up Before The Year Is Up!

As you know, we’re about to say our final goodbyes to 2017 as we welcome in a bright and shiny new year. Did you realize that in many cases, the dental insurance benefits you’re relying on and paying for in the current year aren’t going to hang around once 2018 comes around? If not, it’s time to take some things into consideration (and quick!).

Time To Call Your Provider

If you don’t know about the ins and outs of your dental insurance plan, then it is most certainly time to call your insurance provider. They will be the ones who can talk with you and answer questions specific to your particular coverage, whether your benefits end this year (or extend into 2018), and more. While we will be happy to talk with you about our practice and our policies, inquiries about your plan require you to speak with the insurance company.

Make Use Of Them!

Did you find out that your dental insurance for this year is good for this year only? As a result, if you want to take advantage of any benefits that are remaining for 2017, you’ve got to do it right away? Call us! We will do our best to get you in to see our team for the remaining time this year has left! Not sure what you need? Run down the essentials checklist for oral health (while you consider your coverage). Generally speaking, you will either have a cleaning and checkup that you still require (two per year) or you may need a restorative treatment like a filling you haven’t received just yet.

Use Your Benefits Before They’re Gone

Come in for a visit, while the year is still here, so you can get the most use possible out of your dental insurance. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.